Calling All Computer Gurus Alike: My Windows XP Project

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  1. So I have had this Windows XP system hanging around at my parent's house for the last few years, and I have finally decided that I am going to take it with me to my apartment.

    The system itself has held up really well, and all of the hardware itself is from 2007-ish. I recently cleaned out the tower and installed a new fan because it was.... "used." On top of the physical "cleansing," I took a lot of time essentially wiping the hard drive so that I could start with a clean slate.

    So, the reason I did all of this is because I think that the system would be great for botting. It's still extremely fast, and in my opinion, the Windows XP operating system bodes well for this kind of activity (as it definitely did in the past.) However, as some of you know, Windows XP isn't supported anymore. So i've been trying to get the system to the best state that I can.

    Current Problem: My system will not run RuneMate at all. I have Java 8, and the program opens fine, however it loads a black screen.

    Here is the current Java I have installed:

    Latest and greatest: I can get images to load in RM (like the title) screen if i minimize and maximize the client a few times. The ONLY time I actually get a smooth animation of the title screen, it appears like this :


    At this point, like pictured above, I can actually log in and run around ....but can only see that little chunk :S

    Like I mentioned before, OSRS runs fine when opened in RSBuddy. Really need some help on this one, at a complete loss.

    The only solution I can think of is that the drivers of my computer may need updating for RuneMate to work, but I'm thinking the drivers can't have much to do with it seeing as OSRS loads elsewhere.

    Thanks again to the brains of RM :)
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  2. I don't even know if you can run RM cuz afaik, Java 1.8 isn't support on Windows XP. I could be wrong though.
  3. Welcome to the botnet. And may the odds be ever in your favour.
  4. Well I tested OSBuddy on the computer today and it worked perfectly, so I would assume that RuneMate would work as well?

  5. Does OSBuddy use Java 1.8?
  6. I'll have to check back on the computer tomorrow, but I think it actually has 1.8 currently. I had the option to update to 1.9, but upon installation it warned me that it may be unbalanced so I decided not to.

    I couldn't find on OSBuddy what the minimum java is, can anyone else?


    I did a lot of reading from Java bloggers, and they said that all new Java environments can still be manually installed on Windows XP.
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  7. In times like these, I summon the great @YubiBotter

    I did the same with an old computer of mine and I used Linux instead.
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  8. Out of curiosity, what specs is it running?
    Curious as to what you mean by overclocked the hardware acceleration.

    To be quite honest with you, I don't believe you can really "tune" the system for any extra performance, I've never come across any methodology that really helps. The best you can do is use a lightweight OS in order to reduce the resources necessary, in turn allowing for the bots to use what you've freed up.
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  9. How did it end up working out? :D

    I put the hardware acceleration at max, which really helped the speed. (I believe you go into properties from the desktop, graphics, advanced, etc)

    Would you consider Windows XP to be a relatively lightweight OS? When I get on the computer in a few hours I will post the specs to see if that garners any more input.

    Thank you both for responding, I really appreciate all input on this :D
  10. Pretty much any Linux OS would be much lighter.
  11. It worked! It's not even that tedious of a process at all, and the OS feels so much lighter (like ohithere said)
  12. Ahh so it wasn't overclocked.
    Windows XP is light, however as previously mentioned Linux essentially rules the roost for light operating systems.
  13. Keep in mind, though, that if you want optimal results for RuneMate, you should use Elementary OS. That's the one Cloud used for testing Linux compatability, and afaik that's the version of Linux which doesn't have major problems with RuneMate. RuneMate can be used to bot on Ubuntu, but it has graphical glitches and stuff.
  14. Hey everyone !

    So I gotta Java updated on the computer and RuneMate is working beautifully!

    However, I am in desperate need of updating the audio driver on this computer. I have a SoundMAX Digital Audio card, and the driver is from 2005 (basically, iTunes skips like a bitch and this hunk of metal needs a driver update.)

    Will someone help me find a safe place to get the driver from? I'm really not sure anymore. Since Microsoft doesn't support XP anymore, the automatic driver updates won't work.

    I really appreciate the help from everyone!
  15. Why music exactly on a botting computer?
  16. I know...i know... :p

    The computer still has nice speakers hooked up to it, and I was experimenting with the sound ....and I came to realize that the soundMAX driver is from 2005.

    I thought maybe having all drivers updated would be a good thing too :S

    On the main topic: This thing is running RuneMate like a pro! :)


    For all you Windows savvy people out there, this is the sound driver issue i'm dealing with. What's interesting is that I can't really find a website dedicated to supporting Windows XP now that Microsoft has scrapped it. For some reason I thought there would be a die-hard Windows XP user out there who would have set this kind of site up.


    Edit 2:

    So RuneMate stays at a black screen, yet Runescape itself runs fine in RSBuddy.

    Here is the Java I have installed....


    Help :(

    Edit 3:

    Updated first post with all relevant problem info.
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  17. This is not what you want to hear, but you might switch to an OS without this much problems that doesn't even require drivers *points at Linux*
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  18. Eeep.

    I think that is what i'm going to do today. I am hoping the hardware can handle an OS upgrade though.
  19. Try updating all your drivers with a driver pack tool. I think SlimWare offers a decent one for free or you could just torrent one.
  20. I had a problem with the screen not clearing properly with RuneMate on Linux.

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