can we have a review on all the free to play scripts?

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  1. can we have a tidy up and either get rid or repair the scripts bots that have been abandoned?

    I am using a script bot called mmaaikels runecrafting script bot. I am runing it to run to the air alter but I have noticed something which I am not too pleased about. It always clicks on the same pattern on the mini radar thing, when going too the alter or bank this will get me banned eventually I would assume.
  2. Then post on the specific bot thread. I agree that a lot of the bots need pruning, but it's difficult to coordinate that.
  3. I would but the thing is party, there is more being aimed at the owner of runemate than just the owner of the script bot. Also other scripters in general.
  4. I know this sounds rude, but maybe instead of complaining you and other people who complain could post the bugs on the bot threads, then, if no response after a reasonable amount of time, give it the review it deserves for not working. That way people will know that the bot doesnt work, instead of getting stuck in an endless cycle of complaints which are somehow "Cloud" and all the other staff's fault.
  5. fair enough. i will start now with mmaaikels runecrafting script bot

    How long should I give bot authers enough time before I give a review it deserves?
  6. Sorry if it's rude, i know you are a good bot user :D
    But just for the one's who are not helpful at all. At least you made a good thread about it.
  7. nah you got good point. How long should I give the bot auther before I give it a review it deserves?
  8. Idk, I just dont exaclty enjoy getting a bad review without any warning that there was ever a problem :(
  9. ill give bot auther review but after say 1 month no signs of acknowledgement or improvement then I should be entitled to give it a bad review.
  10. One month, i would say a week max. If they are that unavailable, their bot should have a bad reputation so botters know that it's not a good bot and the author is unresponsive.
  11. and maybe the owner of runemate can take that bot down and let an other bot auther develop a new one?
  12. I feel like that should be the job of the author, as you can take your own bot down by changing one line in the manifest. The bad reviews should keep people away from it otherwise. It's not fair to make the owner of runemate clean up after the bot authors.
  13. Ah but what if they don't delete their outdated abandoned scripts bots?

    Surely there should have some rules in place too ensure there is always room for another bot author to look at what bots we got and make a new one?

    I would like to see more supporter scripts bots for rune crafting that don't charge per hour. And just generally more supporter scripts bots. I guess if we had decent supporter scripts bots I would not even bother with he free ones :)
  14. Even though this was discussed before and I agree with what staff said multiple times earlier, I do think there needs to be some kind of in depth review of all free bots especially after spectre release and disabling the unstable/slow/broken ones just as a one time measure.

    It can get a bit confusing for new users to get a good free bot for whatever skill they want.

    I also can't see a reason why bot authors (supporter bots too) state that they have no interest in fixing a bot and still keep it up ¯\_ツ_/¯ But that's their right I guess.
  15. @AlexH666

    I don't understand how it's their right. Also I wouldn't mind if the free scripts bots were a bit buggy as long as supporter scripts bots are more available for skills

    the only script bot that's impressed me is the supporter alpha fighter

    I haven't tried your bots alex yet. But I am sure they are quality.
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  16. I have to slightly disagree with you there, supporter is primarily for supporting the website. Supporter bots are just a perk of being a supporter. No one is "entitled" to them. They generate 0 revenue to the bot author.

    I hope you like my bots :p I'm an amateur bot author at best :D
  17. This makes sence now thanks.

    Why don't we just have these good decent scripts bots on a rent service so you pay every 5 hours or... You just pay the script bot like 12 pounds and you get it for a month?
    This would encourage more bot authors making more bots and always updating them instead of giving them away to runemate out of goodwill?

    And you pay to be a supporter you get benefits from the client side of things so you can run multiple bots? Use proxies? Sounds good to me.
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  18. If you come across a bot which 100% does not worth, and has not been updated since Spectre release 18-April-2016, please send me a message.

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