Resolved Can't connect to servers

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Lacke, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. CMD says "Unknown host exeption" What should I do?
  2. Please copy+paste or screenshot the full exception for us. Additionally try temporarily disabling your anti-virus/firewall and running again. If that works, please tell me what anti-virus you're using so I can write a strongly worded letter to the company about false positives.
  3. Here is a screenshot of the issue:

    Antivirus, firewall, Auto-Sandbox, Hip and viruscope were all disabled! (I use Comodo)
  4. Hit Windows+R for me and type in "cmd". Then when the black screen type ping and ping Screen the results for me please.
  5. Done, it worked
  6. It seems that something is still blocking the application from making the request, because your PC can resolve it just fine. Some anti-viruses and firewalls don't fully turn off when you tell them to. Can you try exiting them?
  7. same problem unable to start my scripts bots in sdk, even tho that is the only one showing.

    also, I have no anti virus on this pc, as i am no skid and do not download from untrusted sources
  8. If you can open the client then you have a different issue.
  9. I uninstalled malwarebytes and turned off COMODO once again, still didnt work :(
  10. Do you have the ability to test from another computer on your network?
  11. No, I only have my own computer. My friend tested and it worked on his network :(
  12. I'm running out of ideas here. Have you tried restarting? Thoughts @Cloud?
  13. Restarting the system?
  14. Yes. Additionally is a complete operating system re installation possible?

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