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    Sup yall,

    So I was super excited when I heard celestial fisher was going to have a LRC feature for catching rocktails. I've tried using the script bot a few times at LRC but I haven't been able to find success with the bot. I start off near the collection box and run the bot. The bot will run to a fishing spot and if its lucky enough to have found a spot with rocktails it will start fishing.

    However, the bot does not fight the living rock mobs when fishing. It just sits there and fishes while getting attacked by the mobs. Also, once the fishing spot is dried up the bot does not do anything. It doesn't go to the next spot and try to find more fish.

    I haven't been able to fish a whole inventory of rocktails with this new bot. Am I doing something wrong? Is the bot just glitched? If so can we plan on an update some time soon? :)
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