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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Savior, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Celestial Halloween - Because this year's event is boring!

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  2. Love you man
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  3. Small proggy

  4. Sweet proggies guys! :)
  5. imma post another one after i hit 15k points
  6. Is this event just for RS3 or also for OSRS / DS / DMM?
  7. Check this one out :eek:

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  8. This is for the RS3 event, I dont know about the osrs one. The darkscape event should be the same i guess.
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  9. How much xp do these points give? worth?
  10. did it just to get the herb burner. the other rewards are just cosmetic and the xp lamp isnt worth getting since its only a small prismatic lamp
  11. what leslie said, you can get about 2 lamps per hour but this isnt worth it for xp
  12. Kinda worth lamps [​IMG]
  13. for me it keeps walking to the corner ;s and then gets stuck.
    what setup do you guys use?
  14. When? When the avatar is there or when its gone?
    Also, this error should have been fixed, when did you try it last time?
  15. i tried it 2 days ago, and the problem accured when the message was displayed that the avatar was there.
  16. Doesn't work anymore.
  17. Yes 2 days ago I realized the problem and fixed it, so it should work atm...
  18. It just goes to the end of the bridge and tanks the boss for me.
  19. This is what it is supposed to do... "This bot will afk near the Amascut Avatar". You get the points even if you don't attack it
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