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    This bot plays the Livid Farm minigame on Lunar Island for produce points (Completionist cape requires 850.000 points) and some good Farming, Magic, Crafting, Construction and Agility experience. For an in-depth guide of the minigame visit the RuneScape Wiki.

    Depending on your Magic level, this bot can make a maximum of ~19.000 points per hour.

    To play the minigame itself it requires the Lunar Spellbook to be active, a Magic level of 70, Agility, Craftig and Farming 60 and Construction 50 (A higher Magic level is strongly recommended for more points).
    Wield any kind of Mud staff and have plenty of Astral and Nature runes in your inventory.

          • Supports all activities that earn produce points
          • You can choose which activities to do to eventually save runes
          • Intelligent order of the activities to maximise efficiency
    Important notes
    For the bot to function as efficient as possible, make sure your minigame interface does not interfere with your inventory interface:
    How to do this

    Also it is not recommended to play in Legacy mode.

    It is also highly recommended to have an interface layout like this:

    The 3D world interface is not overlaid by any of the other windows like backpack, chat etc.

    Note that your 3D world interface should also be as big and wide as possible to have a view over the whole farm (like in the picture above).

    The gui will inform you for which activities you have the right Magic level for or not.
    A red text means you don't fit the level and it will display the points you currently get for the activity per round (red ones will show half of the points you would normally get).

    However, you will get the full experience rewards for all skills except Magic, even with points penalty.

    Assuming a player has a Magic level of 80, the points per hour will stagnate at about 14.000, while a Magic level of 91 will provide full produce points and accordingly about 19.000 per hour.

    Progress reports
    Feel free to post your own progress :)

    1.0 - 5.4.2015: Initial release
    1.0.1 - 6.4.2015: Minor improvements
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  2. Excited to test this, will probably run it a bit tomorrow.
  3. gratz on the release! Can't wait to test it out :)
  4. Nice release. :)
  5. Nice release Shiva!
  6. greaaaat will try it tonight
  7. mmm doesnt come up with a gui for me? not sure if im doing something wrong or not all the right levels and layout as displayed
  8. Ok this seems to be a common problem. This is a problem with storing images, this has now the highest priority to fix, please be patient, Im sorry :)
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  9. Same problem here with the gui, seems like it'll be a cool release once its running. Goodluck
  10. There is a problem with loading the Gui, I will inform you once it is fixed :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 6, 2015, Original Post Date: Apr 5, 2015 ---
    Hey, just a quick reminder that the bot is working now, so go ahead and try it out :)
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  11. just started using it :) works great!! Only the camera movement makes the bot slower it seems.
    Could you make it so it uses the key binding like 1 = cure plant 2 = the ferite soil i think 3 = string 4 = plank make?
  12. First off, thanks for the feedback about the camera. To explain this: The bot rotates the camera towards the object whenever an interaction fails to prevent it getting stuck if, for example, an interface is overlaying the object. Currently there are minor struggles with interactions, so it fails quietly often, hencing the camera to rotate more often than it should.

    And for the key binding part, I'm not sure what you mean, so please explain it furthermore and we can see if I can implement this. :)
  13. Hey man!! Grongratz on getting it working! I'm just about to fire it up now and give it a try :D ill keep you updated how its going
  14. Alright! :)
    An update with minor improvements is also incoming, it just needs to get reviewed :)
  15. It needs a delay when stepping on the minimap, or sometimes it will misstep and then keep doing it over and over.
  16. Should be fixed within the coming update I mentioned above.
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  17. woo i like it, the mouse sometimes seems to move inhuman like, when livid resets the mouse jumps to the cure plant/soil instantaneously as if it knew thats where its spawning.
    And maybe able to have an option to prioritize the cure plants and does all of them then cures all fertilise soil that would stop the clicking to fast onto the next spell between cure and fertilise i think
  18. The movements itself are recorded from your movements, but I can add a little delay.
    In an upcoming update I will polish the behavior of the bot regarding the order of actions, but I will describe this further once it is released
  19. ohh is there a way to refresh my mouse movements??
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