Celestial Runite Miner [Deleted]

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  1. Coconut Productions Runite Miner

    Mines runite at the mining guild resource dungeon, will support more locations in the future.

    • Mines runite.
    • Banks in Falador.
    • World hopping.
    • Informative paint.
    Progress reports:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. won't open says report bug
  3. Well... Report the bug?
  4. k sec just recreating
  5. there you go m8 just sent in a report for ya to have a look at whenever you can thanks
  6. I'm not seeing it though..
  7. Oh weird ill retry
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  8. resent would you like me to pm you the crashcode ?? its giving me ? Does it work on your side ?
  9. Yes, PM it to me.
  10. There's one way to find out. Try it.
  11. you can disable this:

    just make sure "add image effects" is disabled.
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  12. on my script bot it stands there and doesnt mine anything or if there is no ore it jsut says so and it doesnt hop
  13. bump. would be great if this script bot can get support and be improved. i would highly donate

    some things to improve:
    -currently it logs out too fast, meaning it takes less than half a second to click X and logout. probs "risky" in terms of jagex detecting superhuman speed hops
    -when it clicks to mine the rock, it spam clicks, once every 1-2 seconds even though action is already being done to mine. not sure if jagex can also pick up that you are redundantly clicking the mining action
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  14. Hey uhm the bot gets stuck on its way back to the mining guild
  15. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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