Celestial Vial Filler [Deleted]

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  1. Coconut Productions Vial Filler

    A good F2P money making solution.

    • Fills vials and banks them at the Grand Exchange.
    • Informative and elegant paint.
    Progress reports:
    None, post one!
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  2. It staying at the Bank in the GE.

    It not opening the Bank/ not Walking to the Fountain/ Not Using the Vials on the Fountain/ not walking back to the bank.
  3. can u make it fill jugs please so when I'm done with drinking them from ur other script bot i can fill them up :p
  4. script bot works really well, 1400 or so vials an hour at the GE. Made a fresh account and it was banned in just under 2 hours of running the script bot though. Not a worry and not a complaint as I guess vial filling is a common and old money making botting technique and is watched or something. Thought I'd test it anyhow and was impressed with the fluency.
  5. Make it drink jugs too please, or fix the jug filling on the winedrinker
  6. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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