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    Celestial Wine Drinker - Drinks a lot of wine, but doesn't get drunk!

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  2. Waiting sucks Soon as i have 10k of jugs I run it for you.
  3. Good luck waiting 40 hours wyd :D
  4. he doesn't know theres a 4 hour limit lol, i have 15k though if u want WYD the script bot doesn't work though
  5. I can buy all if you are selling them :D
  6. i might sell soon if the script bot doesn't work lol why do u need them what script bot r u using
  7. is it working for you?
  8. mine keeps crashing
  9. So... still selling it to me ? Haha
  10. i wanna know if the script bot doesn't work or its just something wrong with me so does urs work
  11. It works.
  12. could u show me ur setup please
  13. When i get home from work probably.
  14. alright how many jugs of wine do u have :)
  15. 6k per day for 20 or so accs.
  16. oh ur gold farming please don't crash the market and sell -5%
  17. Im selling jugs at around market or higher. Why sell at -5% when there are demand for it ?
  18. some people are usually in a hurry :p what about the wines are u buying at 154 gp
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