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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by asusmees, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. So this is a dumb idea with lotsa alternatives and nobody probably won't bother to code this but hear me out.

    Lets say you have ~5 botting accs.
    Bot works for 4-5 hrs, logs out, and another bot takes its place.

    Chain continues from bot #1 to bot #5 and pretty much computer can run 24hrs a day
    (accounts that run non-stop for 24hrs get caught easily)
  2. Ahk skript m8
  3. Thats not possible
  4. I made an ahk script bot to bypass 6hr time limit back when I used powerbot. Just make a list of variables which would be your accounts then make it cycle through them every however many hours you want. Log you out log another in use coordinates to restart bot. Close/reopen client every 23 hours. Piece of cake.
  5. Yeah it's technically very easy to implement, but it is not possible because of security reasons, I would be surprised if such a feature would be allowed at the bot store.
  6. Yeah I understand that for sure. But I suggest that @assumes learns ahk (very simple) and makes this for their own use.
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  7. The problem lies in that the script bot would have to handle the login. And since this is not directly supported by the RM Client, it's not possible. Or should I say easy or worth it?
  8. You can easily do this as a bot author, but I don't see any chance Cloud would approve such thing to be published.
  9. I'm no bot author and I made a simple skript to bypass runescape 23hr log limit.
  10. I don't think you get the point... Cloud prob doesn't approve such a script bot.
  11. He meant a literal skript, something that would restart runemate i guess.
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  12. Lolol its external it needs no approval because I'm not offering to share it.
  13. Oh how nice of you
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  14. It's disappointing to see the lack of commonsense. I have no prior scripting experience. An was able to pull this off. I shouldn't be the only one. Lmao
  15. lol

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