OSRS Chaotic's Road to Max Main

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How long will it last?

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  1. 2 month

  2. 4 month

  3. 6 months

  4. 1 Year +

    Hey mates! I'd like to create this thread for the pure reason of seeing my own progress using bots made from our lovely bot authors. To see if a max main is possible to achieve in the treacherous Jmod osrs worlds. :rolleyes: I believe my experience can also shed light on which bots are reliable and efficient to getting the job done. I will bot 5-12 hours a day. And will update thread weekly(ish) :p
    Current Progress Week: 10
    Week:8 upload_2016-9-26_10-22-5.png
    Week 6: upload_2016-9-15_23-42-37.png
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  2. Have fun with farming
  3. Nice! I am also botting on OSRS for a long time now with Runemate, only got once a 2-day ban.

    Where are you training your combat stats?
  4. I'll give ya the crops afterwards :)
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    I haven't touched combat in a while but I did Minotaurs Stronghold of Security. Not sure of any other places that would't attract attention.:confused: After 70 all, I'll probably do NMZ to 90's
  5. Haha thanks ^^

    That was my plan too
  6. Updated Week 8!
  7. ;)
  8. I achieved 90 Strength today on my pure = ), I will achieve 99 in 3 weeks or something it is gonna be my 2nd 99
  9. Nice Progress!! @Chaotic Cbow . I am also going hard on OSRS[​IMG]


  10. I wanna train up my pure also, what bot did you use?
  11. Alpha Fighter Beta

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