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  1. After starting my new ironman adventure I've realised that we have such a large amount of bots that are totally outdated and currently aren't working. Maybe we could have some kind of cleanup? I for one am willing to keep testing them on my current account and posting here anything that isn't working. Obviously you guys have the information of devs that are active and scripts bots that haven't been updated in a while.

    Maybe it's possible to have a banner over the top corner of a bot in the Bot Store that says 'Broken' or something along those lines so dev's have chance to update before they are removed?

    Just my two cents anyway :p
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  2. It'd be nice to have some sort of cleanup, especially when you have new users totally confused because of this.
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  3. I summon @Party, the bot (and pussy) destroyer.
  4. Its nowhere near as bad as it was few months ago. now its bearable.
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  5. PM @Aidden, he's already working on getting the store cleared up. A large number of bots have already been removed, or are pending removal.
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  6. Wondeful news! Now that we pay more money, I think more people expect better maintenance for most of the bots.

    Thanks <3
  7. Yeah just let me know which bots don't work and i'll put them on the list for removal. To be a valid candidate it needs to be majorly broken not just one specific use case. For example if fletching arrow shafts is broken but fletching all unstrung bows works fine then it's not in need of removal. Best thing to do then is just post on the bot thread and if the bot author is inactive let a staff member know so that they can modify the bot overview to say that x or y is broken. Also, if walking takes too long between each step then report those as well.
  8. In the case for the ones that are only partially broken would it be possible to put a banner over the corner that states that its not in full function or something along those lines? Then we won't end up with threads filled with the same post or less of them anyway
  9. Do you understand what level of effort it would take to maintain that process? It's completely unnecessary. If you want to see whether or not a particular function of a bot you intend to use is working, just navigate to the reviews or support threads.
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