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client auto talker idea

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  1. Client auto talker, Here just a idea what if we have a auto talker in the RuneMate Client like if someone say "Hey there"
    And the Client say "Hey how your day be" back,

    And this can stop people reporting us on RuneScape so the ban's can be more low :) as what i can tell in DS something like this need to be done tbh :)
  2. We don't want the client to act like an autistic kid so no go.
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  3. I'm not joking here.
    Nikola Tesla-greatest inventor ever<<<<<<AUTISTIC

    Bobby Fischer chess champ>>>>>ASPERGER'S

    Stephen Hawkings>>>>> also autistic spectrum,

    Bill Gates , >>>>asperger's
  4. Maybe if the writer was a native english speaking autist. ;^)
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  5. I'm doing my best but
    Autistic people are intelligent :)
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  6. This ^
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  7. Autistic people are intelligent
  8. You totally missed the point I was agreeing with. That's okay though :)
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  9. Hey how your day be guys?
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  10. It just be a good thing to add into RuneMate client :)
  11. I agree 100%. It just needs to be either A. Implemented in damn near perfect English, or B. A language very rarely used. A language rarely seen in RS. I've seen generally, if someone talks to you and you reply back in a foreign language they kinda stop because they obviously can't understand you.
  12. This idea has been recommended and even in some awful cases actually implemented across sites i've been on over the years around the scene.
    It's only a good idea if you're paying someone to sit at your computer and converse for you.
    Otherwise it'll literally be the reason you get banned.
  13. I do not think @Cloud is foreign? or His can just use google translate?
  14. Yeah I remember years ago I had a flax picker that "auto talked" it was an awful feature and made you seem more suspicious most of the time.
  15. I see a old OSRS Bot with it before and it was the best tbh.
  16. I mean like, the rarest of rarest languages to be used. It wouldn't have to have that many responses either, as generally most people stop talking to you. It could be also very simple such as skill levels. Example being, say I'm botting willow tree woodcutting at Draynor. Someone says: wc levels everyone? The bot could easily find your current wc level, and say it in the chat, along with a :p :D or :) or something like that. Or, it could say X amount of xp away from Y level. Example being, "roughly 3k away from lvl 75 lol"
  17. I fuc* love that idea :), But do you think @Cloud go to add this?
  18. I'm sure he COULD add it. It all comes down to if it's seen to be a big enough idea to be worth the time to implement it. Something like this can get really complex, even though it seems so simple.
  19. I look at one my bot's today ,This guy say"talk or i'm go to report you for botting" This how i got this idea.
  20. Yeah most people are dicks when it comes to that. On DS I've actually been killing the pkers that kill bots :p Fuck those guys.

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