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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Gathicxv, Jun 14, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys...

    Could we possibly get some sort of Client Control Panel?

    It would both, be accessible by right-clicking the Runemate icon in the tray (like the Celestial In-game Chat Controller). In the future this panel could also be accessible through the browser.

    The panel would show all the current:
    1. Accounts that are running
    2. The bots that the accounts are running
    3. An ICC (In-game Chat Controller) like the Celestial one for each bot
    4. The ability to start, pause and stop the bot running for each account
    5. Possibly even an exp gained/exp/hour counter for each account
    This benefits of this are:
    • You can manage your bots while at work/school (while the runemate client is minimized)
    • You can manage your bots without the lag of opening the client and waiting for the graphics to load
    • You can potentially remotely manage your bots
    What do you guys think?

    Leave your comments below...
  2. Each Client exists in its own JVM. Could be possible with sockets or some other networking I guess though
  3. do you mean a panel which is on your screen or what? :p
  4. Hmmmm, how about a separate control panel for each client, just so that we can get this up faster?
    Yes, I don't know where else this panel could go....

    @Cloud @Arbiter What do you think of the idea?
  5. It sounds alright as an idea. Although it might be a pain for RuneMate to implement, it'd be much easier for the bot authors to do so themselves.
  6. yeh, or make the paints able of going outside the client window? :^p
  7. The paints are drawn on the client, so that's impossible unless you created a seperate canvas/panel to draw to xD
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    Something along the lines of a summary page where it outlines details of all your current sessions and stuff might work. Like the name of the bot, the amount of time running etc. Possibly even allow authors to submit their own data in key=value format to be displayed.
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