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The top Three ideas I like from this list are:

  1. Notifications

    5 vote(s)
  2. Disable Rendering / decrease footprint

    4 vote(s)
  3. Client Displays

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  4. Web Stats, Remote

    7 vote(s)
  5. External Chat

    3 vote(s)
  6. Bot Creation Interface (Website)

    2 vote(s)
  7. Something Else

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  1. Pushbullet / SMS alerts: Because constant feedback (high) from seeing bigger numbers in video games while at school and work could never possibly be a bad idea.

    Disable Rendering: Save resources

    Client Side "paint"/Display ( Side Bar with tabs):

    No Paint, Have a client sidebar like OSRS RSbuddy and display all basic stats, plus have a class that lets you interface with sidebar, This would let users see stats such as XP, XP/Hr, Profit (all feature from RSBuddy if you wanted) and so much more due to great API integration. Make the input fields work really well so users can input different things and let devs interface with it easier instead of having to have to parse each field differently, Make it so we can take a field and call it as a item ID, basic string or boollean instead of coding each type of input differently in our code. It would make like a lot easier in the long run. This would also could decrease stress on system due to the removal of paint.

    Web stats/Remote:

    I see that it is a grayed out option currently in the client (pre-spectre) I see this working in a few ways. Being able to see bot stats and progress would be cool, Being able to change the bot running would be even cooler (but not as practical because only bots that run near a bank would be effective) and checking computer stat usage and other random hooks and info able to be gotten displayed would be amazing. Going about this is what I am currently thinking about. Sending all of this data to RuneMate servers with userID and some form of encryption would be one way to go about this, But it would create more stress on servers and would require more codding. Another way to go about this that would not work for everyone is create a webserver with the RuneMate client and have it host the information there. This would let people to just view it by going to there address and looking at it where ever. This idea sucks because people would have to portfoward if they want to see outside there network and if adds to the client in a way that some people would not like. This idea rocks however when you think about how many other feature could be built around this, having a web API that users could build around, integrating with other platforms. Just throwing things out there.

    Chat hook (I have no idea how Runescape works, This may/not be possible):

    Have the keyboard inputs be able to be interfaced with the client in such a way that outside applications can be used. Think about it, Having your chat be able to be used in irc or anything text based, Instead of having alerts from RuneMate client about chat, have chat be sent to discord or skype or something and being able to type a message to the platform, having that sent to the RuneMate client and then having it typed there instead of having to enable keyboard, clicking the client windows, Risking some type of detection from multiple inputs to the game and most importantly save time. Again, Just an idea.

    Site addition: Bot Request page(not a good one for a tons of reasons):

    Having a bot request interface, Not just a forum topic/thread/section. This could be people requesting private bots or public bots and such. this would be great for growing the collection of bots, community and funds. Lets say someone requests a bot, and they want it to make cannonballs. They want it to be private and have support with it. The rules behind it would be this; (A point system for a reward could also be used)

    Bot request: Private:$2-3 Public:Free

    Complexity: Have a weight scale, tie in with Demand, Higher complexity more money/points.

    Demand: With votes (reddit): the more a bot is wanted, the more points its worth, the more the payout should be.

    Bot Source: Open: -$1 (yes, pay them) Close:$0

    Support: TBD

    Updates: After so many exceptions, Require author to make changes to bot. After a set time, if no resolution is pushed, make source public because the author shows no care in their project.
    User created API/Class: If a request is a skeleton or Class that they can build off of it, Charge $2 for request and pay $1 to author. These are just BS money suggestions. But you get the idea that there is a source of funding behind this idea.

    (a ton of different things could be added.)

    As a closing statement, I think that these ideas could really benefit the project as a hole, lead to more expansions of the platform, give us a edge over other platforms and create a possible funding revenue.

    Please post below with input, criticism and discussion driving responses.
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  2. Not possible, the game code would need to be altered which is off limits of java reflection.

    I don't see any reason to make a dedicated site for it, the request forum is pretty accurately for this

    If you relate to private bots where the user paid a fixed price in advance, it is a thing between the user and the bot author to deal with that, in emergency the author can be called to account by asking him for chargeback, but releasing the source code of a bot is bad in any perspective to be honest.

    The rest of the ideas are okay, but in my opinion not really things which should be put on the priority list.
    Though it's nice to see people putting their effort in enhancing RuneMate! :)
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  3. @Savior

    Thanks for the new tid-bit of knowledge on java, Didn't know that.

    Yeah, A entire site or interface are overkill. Do you think the other concepts could possibly be refined and work overall?
  4. Web stats/Remote seems to be a good point. It would be very comfortible for some users to be able to configure their bots over an app/external programm. At the moment, you could do that with teamviewer, but afaik arbi and cloud wanted to implement such a remote service.
  5. The requests could be improved by having some sort of official template that posters need to follow, and having more bot authors follow the requests subforum.

    You said something about doing away with paint overlays, and using a "sidebar" instead, saying that it would have "better API support" or something. I don't really get what you mean by this, we have good API support for trackers via the InventoryListener and SkillListener interfaces and the EventDispatcher. If you were suggesting that the sidebar was to be maintained by the client developers, you could run into issues where it's tracking things you don't want, and wasting resources, although using something like JavaFX is much easier than creating your own paint/awt framework.

    @Savior was pretty much on point with his response for the things he replied to :p

    Some of the ideas here are good, but some seem like unrefined results of brainstorming or something :p
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    Well it's a good thing that these are ideas that OP has put forward to be discussed, refined and evaluated by his peers, in a structured way.
    No need to shoot it down without at least putting forward a decent reason why, saying "These ideas are shit" is shittier than the ideas.

    Wasn't remote management something that would become closer to fruition with Spectre? I'll see if I can find anything that points to this, but for some reason I have that idea in my head.
  6. Was thinking something like this but having it expandable to what ever the author wants it to be.

    photo credit: RSbuddy (
  7. Yeah, my post was more about the fact that while we can't add Nodes to the Client UI, we have everything we need to create our own trackers, I didn't really understand what you meant by "greater API support", but I guess you meant that if it becomes a part of the client, then it'll need to be officially supported by the client devs
  8. I don't know, there has been a disabled "Remote access" tab in the client settings for ages, so I think it will come soon.

    This is more something for a dedicated bot to help you, but why would you need helpers on a botting client? It uses more resources than OSBuddy does, plus you could potentially get banned from it.
  9. I wasnt really meaning for the helpers to be added, But the tool bar on the right. Instead of having a mash of diffrent Gui's for the bots and other things like paint, Have it built into client so it looks sexy and clean, while also making it easier to interface with. Just imagine being able to configure the setting of your bot with a clean interface with the color scheme of your choosing. Adding trackers and other things is pointless if automating.

  10. 10/10 paint skills. Seems like a decent idea, but it would be nice as a toggle-able feature. Some people just suicide 24/7 and probably don't care about those fancy paints, as awesome as they may be :p I like them however :)
  11. I must say, I really like the idea! I have been looking to find a way to integrate a paint and/or gui with the actual client window in the past. @Arbiter any chance this will be taken into consideration?
  12. So... Alpha Bots? xD
  13. I mean they have a clean interface, but that doesn't change the fact that they are a nightmare to set up.
  14. Another reason behind the idea is that I THINK that it could be done fairly easily.

    This text underneath the name can change, so just moving this function to a sidebar or something could be fairly easy with reusing code.

    Don't those create another interface and fx/paint? I think this would be super neat because it would be built into the client and would save a ton of time by not having to make gui's for every single setup. It may be possible to save resources too. Just throwing out thoughts.
  15. It would save much, if any time. Devs would still have to layout the controls, set controllers/event handlers and all that. It may actually impede freedom and creativity, because you have a fixed layout/style.
  16. The text in any JavaFX label can change, by using the setText method.
    Haha yeah they do, I was talking about how we mimic the colour scheme of the client.
    I don't see how it would save time, as the developers would still need to code the GUI to meet their needs.
    It might save resources, mainly CPU, but the amount would depend on how well the system it's replacing was coded.

    I agree, however, being able to add a node to the UI would be a compromise that could work well.

    Either way, I'm all for new functionality. I reckon the sidebar option sounds good, but I doubt it can fully replace GUIs due to size limitations. It might be able to replace paints though, and could be useful for a tertiary UI to make changes to settings during runtime, but it should be implemented alongside the current methods for now.
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    Feature creep is a hell of a thing xD
    Don't worry, I'll be rewriting the more problematic UIs :p
  17. Already a planned feature for Spectre. I do quite like the client-side global stats monitoring idea though. I'll work towards it. :)
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  18. I'm sure you've seen enough implementations to easily create one of your own :p

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