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  1. You should be able to select the account on the left panel. This could still open the account edit menu but should highlight the account and have it selected so when you chose the bot it should have the selected account already chosen. Or selecting the account on the left panel could bring up the same bottom panel that selecting a bot does but with the account selected in it instead of a bot.
    When first starting Spectre it seems as if you are supposed to click your account from the list to select it. This would make it more user friendly.

    A paint edited example :D

    Gyazo - 20bfb1e384c60e9ad254092550874700.png
  2. Just to clarify you mean the process would work as follows?

    1. Select account from the left.
    2. Select bot from the left.
    3. You're navigated to Client selection with Account/Bot selected.

    If this is what you mean, you can quickly do something similar (couple extra clicks) by going:

    1. Select bot.
    2. Hit play.
    3. Select account.
    4. Select client.

    The difference is really only a fraction of a second :p
  3. That's literally one less click...
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    Not to mention it's far less intuitive.
  4. mfw when not sure if arguing or agree with me

  5. Agreeing. Just quoted your post to provide context for mine.
  6. :nickyoung:
  7. This topic shows how lazy botters are i guess :rolleyes:
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  8. It really just seems like it should do it already. It's like one of those doors that looks like it opens one way but it really opens the other and you always run into it. Just making it more fluid.

    And it would make it more intuitive as that was the whole point of this post. it looks and feels as if the left panel is a selection panel, which it is, but for some reason that selection doesn't apply to when you select the bot. If I have an account selected and then i select a bot it should remember the account and vise versa.

    Just a simple suggestion of something I realized from a users prospective. I bet if we recorded any new spectre users they all try to select the account on the left panel first.
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