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  1. when i try to run a bot it wont start and if it does it wont do anything it will say bot setting up forever
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    sometimes i get this
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    most the time i get this
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    4th attempt at starting a bot up
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    and an hour later >.>
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  2. Delete pics and post them again with username, email hovered sir :)
  3. excuse me what exacly do you need sorrydidnt understand
  4. The pictures present your email of the acc u are using and jagex can get into your ass so if you want to be safe, post pictures with minimap hidden, location hidden, stats not visible, same with the name. Be safe friend.
  5. Same thing is happening w/ me. Either EOFException or "Session has ended, please restart." Also says I'm signing in from a new location each time and have to re-confirm via e-mail. After I do, doesn't load any of my accs and only half my bots.
  6. thank you qverkk!! amdyeah serene ive used 3 diffrent pcs on diffrent locations and always get this
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    this is what mostly happens to me Either EOFException or session has ended and when it does start it does nothing stays at setting up bot for ever and never saves my accounts either
  7. I'm getting these messages as well, anyone know a fix for it yet?
  8. been 2 whole days and not a single mod or whatever they preffer to be called has tried to help. all they keep saying is make a post on client support......
  9. 1. None of your attachments can be found
    2. Arbiter and cloud are rather busy right now so they probably haven't been checking the forums often
  10. id love to upload the pictures again but runemate wont even log me in anymore ive even tried making more accounts
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    nothing happens when i put in my info log in button just stays like this been 4 hours since i put my info and nothing happened
  11. Go to C:\users\username\runemate\logs and find the latest one for spectre. Post it here.
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  12. wait what how will that help me fix the problem the pictures i first posted are gone i never saved them i screenshoted them and serene explained exacly what is happening i mean if you need a picture to go with the words i will upload one as soon as i can log in to runemate client
  13. Because that will have any errors in it that are causing your issues...
  14. Is the IP different each time?
    The acc/bots not loading sounds like an issue with your connection to the RuneMate servers.
  15. ive tried it from diffrent ips on 3 seperate occasions just to see if that would fix the issue but nothing
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    what i dont understand is that it worked for a good week then all the sudden boom

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