Resolved client keeps on going to 30% connecting and than crashing

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Psycho White, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I have over 30 runemates downloaded because of this and it sort of gets on my nerves how I have to redownload it almost daily. Is there a fix for this or does anyone else have this problem?
  2. What's happening is:
    It's getting to 30%.
    It then closes the current RuneMate and downloads the update.
    When it's done, the updated RuneMate will open.

    I've had some issues where launching from an IDE won't allow it to update, but running the jar normally updates fine for me.
  3. I have this same problem. I have about 40 runemate clients downloaded, and have to update almost on a daily basis. Is there a way around this? Because when I try to run an old client, like he said it gets to 30% then crashes, and on my desktop I get a pop-up that says the JRE is out of date, and I need to update. Downloading a new version of runemate fixes this, temporarily.
  4. Have you uninstalled your old JRE versions?
  5. What operating system are you using? Make sure that the directory the RuneMate.jar is in is writable by your user, without having to elevate to admin privileges (sudo for Mac/Linux or UAC for Windows). If you'd like to run a test try to move the jar to "My Documents" where you should definitely have the needed permissions.
  6. Probably not. I don't bot very often right now, so it's not a huge concern for me until finals are over in a few weeks. After that, I'll spend some time and uninstall all old versions.

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