Resolved Client not working on Linux ( vps )

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Leftnat, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. I try to run runemate client on a linux on a vps, I can load up the client but the game never loads and nothing happends atfter that, I have java 8 on the vps.

    The vps provider run the client in terminal without loging in and got this :
  2. Tagging @Cloud @Arbiter so they get notified about this thread and are able to respond quicker.
  3. Happened to me to so I gave up, lol.
  4. You must be running the Oracle JRE. If it's still not working (and that's the error log) than please let me know what OS it is so that I can look into it.
  5. Centos6 64bit java 1.8.0, for me
  6. We have already confirmed the existence of CentOS compatibility issues. Try an Ubuntu (or Ubuntu-esque) distro.
  7. @Cloud Ubuntu 14.04 Is the os
  8. @Cloud

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