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  1. Hi,

    On the client we have the option to increase the mouse speed (the speed that the mouse cursor moves in game), but unfortunately this does not affect the click speed (the speed at which the mouse clicks in the game).

    What this means is that (if you have the mouse speed setting high up), the mouse will try to hover on the the target for about 2 - 5 seconds before it actually clicks which is too long in some cases (fast moving monsters, charm sprites, etc...) and looks quite suspicious.

    So, would it be possible to have the click setting speed correlate to the mouse speed setting, or have a separate slider for the click speed?


    @Cloud @Arbiter What do you think?
  2. The delay is calculated using Biostatistics, realtime stats generated from inspecting your play style to craft a personalized profile. If you feel that your play style was not captured properly then just play legit on the client for a little bit and it will pick up new data, pushing out the old.
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  3. Yeah, I observed myself and found that I usually hover on the next monster to kill before I am finished killing the current one... Which explains the client's long hovering times.

    Any idea on how long I should play legit?

    Thanks for your response btw.
  4. I think 45 minutes to an hour should be more than enough.
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