Client slows down and freezes when starting script

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by skrall, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. While trying to fire up CS Divination, I first got rid of the error messages (slim headers were enabled, tab titles were disabled) because I thought this is what caused the issue. Nontheless, the client still freezes and makes my mouse go extremely laggy.
    I ran the client with a run-file, and I noticed there was an error with the memory. Is there a fix for this yet?
  2. That error occasionally happens and the only solution is to allocate more memory for the time being. However, I'm not familiar with the efficiency of that script bot and it could be having it's own efficiency problems.
  3. Fixed it (for now):
    - Installed 64-bit version of Chrome, then 64-bit Java.
    - Allocated 2GB memory for Java (I'm sure you'll know how to google)

    Still a bit laggy on the start, but works like a charm now :)
  4. You have 64-bit computer or 32-bit?
  5. Mine's 64 bit
  6. Okay thanks

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