Question Closing the Report Interface osrs.

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  1. So I can get the bot to see and interact with this interface component when it pops up.
    Gyazo - 611afc8bdaeea953f2b68458696407b9.png

    Although there is nothing for the X button for text. I do have the numbers such as InterfaceComponent [553,1,3] how would I interact with this specifically (which is the x button)
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  2. One thing would be looking for the action "Close", I think every close button has this action.
    Or you can look for its texture id and filter it within the window's interface container.

    Edit: Just read that you cant find the button, but I am sure it must be there, otherwise the button simply would not work ingame.
  3. Didn't realize I could look for the action. Thanks!

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