Clouse profile error

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  1. Got this on startup
    Code (Text):
    2. (01:26:29) Failed to parse a segment of the Clouse profile
    3. amw: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    4.         at sh.w(
    5.         at sh.e(
    6.         at ads.<init>(
    7.         at cy.e(
    8.         at dp.d(
    9.         at js.e(
    10.         at l.fd(
    11.         at px.fp(
    12.         at
    13.         at ach.f(
    14.         at po.g(
    15.         at j.atg(
    16.         at og.p(
    17.         at jc.q(
    18.         at ig.o(
    19.         at ld.g(
    20.         at client.go(
    21.         at
    22.         at rk.r(
    23.         at rk.a(
    24.         at
    25.         at Source)
    I reloaded and it didn't happen again so it's probably not important but it should still be taken care of
    @Cloud @Arbiter
  2. Actually it just happened again but this time it only had the failed to parse message so i'm guessing the exception is something else
  3. The attached stacktrace is unrelated to the debug message above.

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