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  1. We all know, well at least the ones that have attempted writing bots on RuneMate, how sketchy the Clouse can be sometimes. As far as I understand is that Clouse stores mouse movements from all players using the RuneMate client and uses those patterns as antiban as standard client feature. If I'm wrong, please correct me. :)

    Now, to come back on the initial issue; Clouse is rather "fucky". The movements are quite weird sometimes and huge delays occur from time to time, and even getting stuck because of it. Don't get me wrong, the antiban is great and I believe it's a major reason why RuneMate is so safe to use. The patterns are just to weird, and on top of that they're used by everyone so eventually Clouse will make it's own pattern that's visible to Jagex.

    Here comes my suggestion rolling in. We need to keep Clouse, but make it personalized. With this I mean that we are going to create the Clouse antipatterns ourself. This happens the same way as it already happens, but just on a personal scale. You are forced to spend x time to play RuneScape legit. Out of this legit gameplay Clouse will gather your mouse movements, which of course will be near identical for everyone, because no one clicks and moves the mouse the same way. This way it will create an antipattern that is fully customized to your own way of playing. This reduces the ban risk even more, can possibly solve issues with weird mouse movements, and might prevent it from Clouse of getting stuck sometimes.

    Of course there's a few downsides to this, the first and most obvious one is that every player had to play legit before they could start botting. This is absolutely no option for goldfarmers who don't give a shit about their accounts. The solution is to keep the current Clouse as back up and make it an option in the RuneMate settings tab in the client to toggle between your own custom Clouse, or the one we currently use.

    Of course I don't even know if this is possible, technical-wise, but it was worth suggesting. Let me know what you guys think, and perhaps you have something to bring to the table yourself. Feel free to comment. :)
  2. Actually Clouse already knows our custom movements, it even has a few files with biostatistics stored, but it mixes them with other ones instead of using on only one client, therefore I believe that it wouldn't be too hard to adapt the system to your suggestion.
  3. Alright so it is possible, but do you think it's a decent idea? Or is it not worth spending time on? Personally I really get bothered by the current movements, but that might be just me.
  4. Yeah I've had that idea once and I like it :p I hate when Clouse starts drawing stairs with its trail or performing ridiculous circular movements to reach a point, that's not human-like at all.
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  5. The current mouse movements really bother me also, I play legit using the client an hour every day while I do my quest for the day and the mouse still does some crazy stuff. Its really the only thing that bothers me about runemate is all.
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  6. That's basically what clouse does now
  7. Clouse uses the mouse data from the crowd. I suggested to make it personal.
  8. It also uses personal data, from your .bio files. :)
  9. A lot of the movements the bot uses are absolutely terrible and I'm 100% sure that those are not my movements. :/
  10. they are, its stunning i know
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  11. I've noticed that sometimes it misses what it's supposed to be clicking on.
  12. Oh yeah is there already some kind of spline interpolation of the path you follow with your mouse when legitting?
  13. Is there any relationship between @Cloud and Clouse?
  14. It stands for Cloud mouse. Clouse.
  15. Clouse aka Cloud's spouse
  16. it all makes sense now ^_^
  17. scripts bots problem. Not clouse
  18. There are a lot of cases where it misses context menus also, unless the bot is suppose to control clicking on those aswell. Which I do not believe is clouse specifically, but just the mouse class in general.
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  19. I think clouse is perfectly fine :p for some things its not that great like i notice with animated npc's its not that accurate but thats probably cause runemate doesn't have animated models.
  20. Without getting into the general discussion of this thread, I just want to point out that Clouse only uses movements that were made by a real person. So the mouse being "not human-like" isn't really a factor, because it is. The best argument I could see being made is that the bot doesn't have a perfect understand of the context of each movement and thus may occasionally apply an odd movement for the situation.

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