RS3 Cockroach Soldiers with Banking in Edgeville

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  1. Can someone do a bot to kill Cockroach Soldiers in Stronghold of Player Safety and with a banking option? Because it is a good money making method with skilling the combat skills. So its win:win. I used for a long time ago a script bot by powerbot, but it has a high risk to get banned. So then i found Runemate ^^. Maybe someone can do its pls :)?
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  2. Not to toot the competitions horn, but powerbot has been updated and detection rate have dropped.
    The bot you are talking about can easily be simulated with any one of the aio combat bots, you just need to fiddle with the settings
  3. But i looked all of these aio combat bots and they have no banking option.
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    btw. i would pay for the bot :)
  4. The script bot from powerbot have a high risk. bought yesterday auto roaches pro from powerbot, banned within 30 min perm. Can anyone do a script bot pls? its very great money and also xp.
  5. It's pretty easy to have a drop in detection rates when the previous rate was so high :p

    Dungeon traversal will be added to the default web soonTM, allowing for combat bots to navigate to/from them.

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