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  1. Recently started botting, i botted the goblins at lumbridge to level 40 now i have no clue where to go. Can some kind soul out there help a poor fellow botter?
  2. Red spiders?
  3. Thats Deadly red spiders right? arent those kind of hard to kill at 40 in strength, attack, def?
  4. No, I'd go normal red spiders. It's probably not best exp but it's always empty there and they don't do much damage at all. My pure accounts last ages there.
  5. i must be an idiot, but when i search runescape wiki theres nothing called red spiders. well only ones that come during halloween
  6. There's a few in the back of the Varrock sewers.
  7. But that's deadly red spider isnt it?
  8. Yes... anyhow, flesh crawlers are good xp.
  9. will check out flesh crawlers, cause i can't bot red spiders without using half my food for 2 spiders Also can't get alpha fighter to run back to bank to get more
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    Is there any gear at medium level which gives health sustain?
  10. I did barbarians at Barbarian Village until like 60, then did spiders.

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