Tutorial Committing a Script via SVN in IntelliJ

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    First thing's first we want to setup our SVN details:

    1) In IntelliJ navigate to the "VCS" option in the Menu Bar


    2) Click on "Checkout from Version Control", then "Subversion"


    3) You will then be given this Screen to enter your SVN Details

    4) Click on the "+" Button and Enter your repository Url which can be found under the "Developer" section of the forums

    5) Once you have done that it will ask you for your SVN Username + Password

    6) Hit "Checkout" + Direct the File Explorer to the "src" folder of the project you wish to Commit

    7) Hit okay and you should be good to go :)

    8) Don't forget to hit the "Push Bot Update" button in the Developer Panel


    Good luck with all your scripts bots! :D
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