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    Oct 5, 2015
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    Hey guys theres a minigame called Conquest and lately I have been playing it and it's pretty good XP for a singular combat stat.
    Teh xp is CRAAAZY.
    It would have to run into the automated portal (you'd have to get 2 accounts or a friend to bot also) and it matches you with another player inside (no one is there ever) And pretty much it's like chess but with scouts,mages,ranges ect.
    You have to fill your team with Scouts, And you need to use 1 Scout to go across the board (NEVER END YOUR TURN ITS A 60SECOND TIMER FOR THE TURN NEVER FOR MAX POINTS) And it has to walk across the board (Just one scout) and kill the rest of the enemy team then go to the other side to kill the opponents last guy aswell, You can get 40 Points a game at CB level 100+ Which is around 90k In 25 Minutes. In Str,Def,Atk,Range,Mage,Prayer,Summoning,HP, Prayer and Summoning are really bad xp ( So you get a certain amount of xp to each Point you get after the game, (Depending on your level on that stat)
    This bot would be difficult but I think if someone did it I would pay 20$ to the bot author.
    Message me if you need any more details (I'm bad at explaining)
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    Im going to bump this because I really want this

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