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  1. Why does runemate use more cpu than most other bots?
  2. Can you specify what script bot(s) you're running? I haven't noticed it personally, please provide some stats.
  3. Just the client in general uses more cpu that all the others imo
  4. We use reflection, which is slightly slower than injection but theoretically safer. On top of that, our projection code is crazy intense because we try to calculate when interfaces overlay points and it requires ALOT of calculations. RSBot does something similar, however there's is static and requires manually updating if the slightest change occurs in the game, while ours is done completely dynamically and thus uses up more cpu cycles trying to determine what is what.
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  5. Thanks for the reply, i understand now :)
  6. It could also be bot-specific. If you experience more CPU drain on some bots than others contact the developer and I'm sure they would be happy to investigate.
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  7. In the next release I'm going to make a small change that will hopefully speed up it's calculations in some situations (especially when the developer is painting tiles or objects onto the screen)
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  9. Uninstall all current java versions and get the latest jre8.
  10. Do you have any additional info which could help the developers out such as an error message or info about where you are logging into?
  11. You were probably running with JDK instead of JRE.

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