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  1. Hi, kinda wanna start hardcore botting again, been off the scene for over a year. How long is it safe to bot nowadays? i have a 10 year+ account with 12-24 99s and wanna go for it. I remember back in the day i used to bot 14 hours a day, sometimes more. So how long do you bot for on average a day?

    TBH i dont really care for the account, havent played legit for a long time, and dont have time to. But i thought i'd just ask if im stupid going for it :)

    I know this has been posted a gazillion times, sorry for that.
  2. I'm too lazy to link you there, but go to the guides section (under RuneScape) and read the sticky titled "How to bot safely" ;)
  3. I haven't had a ban on RuneMate for about 6 months of botting 14 hours a day on multiple accounts at times. Sometimes I had 5 clients open all doing the same thing.

    I did have 1 ban but I was botting for 32 hours in a row so it was kind of obvious it wasn't going to survive.
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  4. Haha i've read that one, and many like it before. I know how to stay safe, but thats no fun, is it? Im just wondering if it's a suicide mission.
    Just to kinda know what im up for ;)
  5. Well don't expect to not get banned if you don't follow those guidelines at least loosely.
  6. I usually run a bot before bed which lasts (12:00pm-5:00am) then a bot during school (7:00am-3:00pm). Usually play legit when I get home/just take a break overall. Majority of the day I'm botting, on a near maxed account and haven't been banned.
  7. I've been botting woodcutting and fishing for 5 or 6 hours per day, seems to be going fine.
  8. what woodcutting and fishing bot are you using ?
  9. MaxiWoodcooter and MaxiFisher
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  10. Thanks
  11. You'll want to take it real slow, mate, any trip up and you could pay the consequences.
    I suggest botting 4-5 hours a day MAX, then take a day or so off, then continue. Don't have a schedule, though.
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  12. Alright Thanks.
  13. RuneMate is obv. your best bet if you are taking botting serious is this day and age.
    Also you make botting as safe as you can make it :p using RuneMate 24/7 will automaticly pull the Bot Bell over at Jagex.

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