RS3 Current Requests & Scripts Needed [RUNESCAPE 3]

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  1. I just made this thread to keep track of requests and any scripts bots I think we need.

    scripts bots WE NEED:
    • AIO Construction - Being worked on by Aidden
    • Livid Farm
    • AIO Hunter
    • Gilded Altar

    scripts bots REQUESTED:

    • Thieving guild blackjack
    • Mort myre fungus
    • LRC Miner
    • Portables user - Being worked on by Venumfox
    • Varrock redberries picker
    • Green dragon killer
    • Blue dragon killer
    • White berries collector
    • Fruit bat script bot
    • Island hop runespan
    • Astral runecrafter
    • Nature runecrafter with spirit grhaak

    • Chaos dwarves
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  2. I'll start porting my portable station script bot over and finishing it up.
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  3. Awesome! Yeah I was thinking of making it because I need it for my main.
  4. Already working on the construction script bot :) And i have a private red berry picker but i should probably make it better before release lol
  5. Updated OP to show if script bot is being worked on.
  6. Chaos dwarfs!!!!!
  7. I have an LRC miner almost ready for beta. I don't have an RS3 account to test on.
  8. I will make a chaos dwarf bot, but not right now. Maybe i will start developing next year, all i need is an account with the requirements :)
  9. I'm gonna add a section called "Wait for premium" because I think this falls under that sections.
  10. Once its fully released yea, but there will be an open beta for sure
  11. I have redberry picker, can post it if anyone needs it.
    • Whiteberries collector
    • Something buying stuff at an NPC for the store price, then selling on the GE for more gp
    • Woodcutter with built-in crystal tree locator (if that's even possible?)
    • AIO Agility (specifically Hefin (Elf City) course) but I believe Defeat3d is working already on that
    • Summoner with support for Elf City (Amlodd district)
    • Grenwall hunter (if not included in AIO Hunter)
    • Seren stone miner?
    • ...[to be continued]
  12. Afaik the crystal tree locator isn't possible in the sense that it just know where the tree is. It would most likely have to Tele/walk around looking for it. Ill have a quick look into it tomorrow to confirm. Are there set locations it can spawn or is it absolutely anywhere?
  13. Well the locations of the trees are in a rhombic shape on the world map.
    However, when you're near an inactive tree and use the 'Look-at' option, it'll say in the chatbox which direction it is pointing towards.
    This will be the location of the active tree :)
    To make things easier, there's also a portal close to the max guild in Elf city that can be attuned to teleport the player to the currently active crystal tree.
  14. abyss runner
    fruitbat spanner and collecter
    astral runner
    Nature with spirit grahak
    a working runespan
    Blue dragon killer
    green dragon killer
  15. Here's what I've got going on right now:
    • Citadel Conversion (Haven't started...but the script bot is already done so...)
    • Wine Conversion(It's 2 tasks)
    • Portable Station(Sawmill is almost ready)
    • AIODragons(Will support almost all the dragons)
    • AIOMoneyMaker(Shoot me PM's for methods you want supported!) ( Methods thought of thus far: Swamp Lizards, Honey Comb, Banana picking, Mort Myre Fungus...suggestions)
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  16. Here's what I'm working on atm:
    • Magic (Superheater, Alcher, Enchanter)
    • Agility
    • Summoning
    • Fruit Spawner
    • AIO Dragon Killer
    • Range Guild
    • Waterfiends
    • Lumbridge Catacombs
    • Stronghold of Security
  17. i wonder who's waterfiends would be better :)
  18. I'm actually talking WF off my list but i do believe Supreme has plans for one.
  19. Finished mine.

    Need to add a gui and do some testing. I'll release mine tomorrow.

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