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Should VPN'S be allowed to access rune mate?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I recently noticed that when I try to use cyber ghost von to connect to your website or client it rejects my connection so I have a few questions.

    1) why is cyber ghost vpn''s servers black listed

    2) is it only their free servers that are blocked?

    3) why block cyber ghost and not others?

    4) can you unblock it?

    I'm posting this thread because I feel that cyber ghost is a particularly reliable and privicy concions vpn and it makes me sad to have to chain multiple vpns to access your services while still maintaining my annonmity. I mean this isn't exactly the most "white hat" service so why act like one instead of embracing hacker culture?
  2. Free VPNs are often used to do harmful activities, so firewalls add it to their blacklist. We protect ourselves from malicious intent using said firewalls. As someone who wholeheartedly respects anonymity and encryption, I would say that anyone serious about it should set up their own private VPN or use a paid service to get a dedicated IP. We have no intention of manually whitelisting any free VPN provider for the reasons mentioned earlier.
  3. So in theory if I was to buy premium cyber ghost it should work? Do you the facility to just check a for a few of their premium servers IP adresses in your firewall or is that out of your juristiction?
  4. I don't know how CyberGhost subscriptions work, but if they provide you with a dedicated IP, that IP is not on any blacklists, and you don't use it to do anything malicious then that IP should be just fine for as long as you use it. We won't be doing any custom whitelisting though. There are a number of services, such as Blacklist Check, where you can check if your IP is blacklisted on popular lists. Some lists allow you to manually submit your IP to be reviewed and whitelisted.
  5. Well I checked out your link and apperently I should be fine @Arbiter if I buy premium and only use premium servers. Fingers crossed I don't waste £3. Can you remove this thread please before all the ass***** start using cyber ghost and get it's premium servers blacklisted xD
  6. I think the information in this thread would be useful to others hitting a blacklist.
  7. Fair enough @Arbiter when I get home I'll post an update letting people know if it worked out

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