RS3 Daily reminder: Artisans workshop and thieves guild bots

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by weweweq2, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Can someone make those =/?
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  2. Support for the Thieve guild bot
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  4. Artisan is really nice on 2x xp weekends.
  6. I heard @Party is willing to do it
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  7. I could so the artisan one if someone is willing to get me an acc to test
  8. Sorry dont feel like giving my main changes in location can attract bans and dont have any other acc with high smithing. =/
    Doesnt party only do osrs scripts bots?
  9. I'm exclusively OSRS.
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  10. bump
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    up up up
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  11. Y
    yes please we really need a thieve guild bot :S
  12. I will try and make 1 give me 9999 hours
  13. muthafokin bump
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  14. Thieve guild bot please!!! =D
  15. up in this bitch
  16. Tbh if you're not willing to lend an account to let @qverkk try to do it, you will probably learn Java by the time someone else does it :>
  17. I'd lend my account but it only has 26 thieving.
  18. Bumping. The artisans workshop bot would be the easiest bot in the world to develop as it's a few clicks and then afk for 4mins. I'd like to see both of these implemented if possible.


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