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  1. There is a eoc questing guy so why not a osrs one.

    Hello all you sexy beings today I'm going to be offering my questing services. I have completed 92% of all the quests on my main so I would confided myself fairly skilled in that area.

    Easy quests- 300k of the dank gpsss
    Medium quests- 700k of the dank gpssss
    Hard quests- 1.5 milllllion of the gepeass
    Elite quest (like monkey madness, stupidly hard)- negotiable

    I will be doing quests every Monday, Tuesday if your in the front of the que, Wednesday if your in the front of the que, Thursday and weekends.

    If you want to do a bulk order hook me up with a message and I'm sure we can sort something out. If you don't feel safe empty your bank before and and just leave the items that j will need.

    Have a good one lads.
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  2. >needs me to hand over account for short period of time
    >looks at your avatar

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  3. @Party but you don't want free trimming :( Kappa
  4. can u trim my bandos?

    sorry I should stop derailing your thread
  5. I can trim your saradomin God sword
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  6. I like this but I don't like the price. Reason why I like this cause I want more osrs quest services, but 300k for easy quest is just to much for me.. as I have another person I go to that do 100k-300k for all the F2P (Each) quest.. but its just that person time schedule is just not the same as mine so Its hard to catch him at times.
  7. I agree that 300k is way to much on osrs. That's like 3m rs3 gp for a quest.
  8. I would happily lower my prices but 300k is 1.5m rs3
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    3-3.5m for all the free quests done a good price for you guys?
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    Doing 25% off for first customer

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