Implemented (Darkscape) Barricade support

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  1. I'm hoping this is the right section for this..

    They just added barricades to darkscape, like the one from castle wars except placeable anywhere in the world. A lot of ppl are using them to block pathways. It wold be a lot more efficient to just add this to the client rather then individual scripts bots.

    My ideas so far of a work around is lighting them on fire, hopping world, attacking or something like a 5-10 minute break. Perhaps a mixture of all of them, attempt to hop x times before trying to light/attack for x minutes before taking a small break
  2. Is Jagex spastic or something? Who's idea was it to place these things outside of castle wars?
  3. Query for all barricades that are 1 tile away from the player if we have not moved in x seconds, then light them on fire.
  4. Implemented as an RS3Event client-side. Queued for next update. :D
  5. Thank you so much i saw a jagex mod i cant rememebr who banning 10+ rune essence miners he caught using this method of getting bots stuck
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