Dark DarkScape - Bot PK Episode 2 Ten long minutes

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by WYD, Oct 25, 2015.

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    [insert offensive video about a self-proclaimed pro botter reporting and killing bots]
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  1. Why the hell are you posting a video about reporting and killing bots on a botting website...?
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  2. He has a point!
  3. Exactly my reaction. It's the same as that bot PKer bot on another site. It just doesn't make any sense to automate killing your own species. :/
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  4. Ever considered going to a speech therapist? I can't understand a single word in any of your videos.
  5. thank you
    It was not a RuneMate bot so it ok :)
  6. This simply.
  7. It was not a RuneMate bot so it ok :)
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  9. How do you know it wasnt a runemate bot? and a botter reporting bots.....
  10. I think this is the most Aids thing you've posted on here, and thats saying a lot....
  11. Just look how slow the bots was in the video.
  12. i think you should stop posting idiotic videos on runemate just for the views/likes/subscribes i would also be careful with how you make your videos
    ps you said you do not bot on that account dosnt matter jagex can track all your accounts one botted account = all accounts ban now with your videos black bar your name people in runemate will report you for botting
  13. What a cancer of the community
  14. ;P
  15. u post a video with ur RSN killing bots on DS while on a botting website, why dont we report u
  16. you can report him if you want but you won't accomplish anything because he hasn't botted on that account (or so he claims)
  17. Lol I believe the third kill was one of my bots, but hey! it's their time they are wasting killing mindless bots that will keep coming back botting over and over :p

    Darkscape has only had 2 ban waves so far.. ban free on all 25 of my botting accounts.. which are in different areas doing other stuff aswell.

    Reporting does nothing, it takes about 10 seconds to randomly generate a new account while using a dedicated vpn.

    When you kill us, we simply follow a death path back to the botting area and continue with 0 human input needed.

    So you people who love to kill bots because your some savior.. have fun wasting your time.. while our bot army keeps raking in the money and we enjoy our own lives ;)
  18. grats on 99 fishing WYD

  19. I do not bot on Jester 999, Same with Bot killerDS
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    I love you too "I LOVE THE HATE"

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