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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Dark Monkeys, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. So, my girlfriend and I both play Runescape and I decided to make her a DS account. I've continually told her not to play DS just so I can gift her the account (hopefully) by Christmas.
    It's been a week, and here are the stats so far
    Here are the bots for each skill:
    - WC/FM - MaxiWoodcutter
    - Cooking - Manual as of low-level
    - Combat - MassFighter
    -- Runecrafting - Houndspan to amass essence, Celestial Runespan for nodes
    - Agility - TenAgility

    Thanks to each bot creator and to the client for this.

    Future Goals
    - 75 + combat skills
    - 60 + Fishing and cooking
    - 91 runecrafting
    - 60 agility
    - 70 herblore
    - 70 mining

    Make sure to leave some tips or suggest some different bots for me to use for my goals!
    Thanks for reading.
  2. Looks good!

    Keep up the good work! :)
  3. GL on it.
  4. goodluck! where did you use massfighter ? and does it walk back after death ?
  5. wow.. that nearly made me cry, honestly. you're so nice !
    goodluck man
  6. I've been using MassFighter primarily in the Catacombs of Lumbridge; It does not walk back, but works well with 21k exp an hour non-members
  7. Gl mane.
  8. Week 2 Day 1
    Goals for this week:
    - 60 combat stats
    - 45 agility
    - 40 fishing
    - 35 cooking

    Still hoping for some tips and training spots :p
  9. @Dark Monkeys Where did you get that high of runecrafting?
    And maybe keep us updated with any quests done :>
  10. Runespan I guess. That's where most people level runecrafting nowadays.
  11. Runespan is where I got my levels.
    I get up to 90k an hour exp there without even being a member!
  12. Botted or you did it legit? :D
  13. This account is to be botted completely until I do questing and bossing :p
  14. Sadly, no.
    Thankfully, my main account is untouched by Fagex.
  15. RIP. Better luck next time. My main DS acct got a 2 week, an alt got a perma ban. Oh well.

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