RS3 Darkscape Tzhaar suicide fighter

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by memeking420, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. -fights monsters in Tzhaar city
    -upon death auto equipts weapons and returns to area
    -loots tokuul and other selected items immediatly after looting
    -maybe support for suicide in fight caves to regain hp and prayer

    this would be very nice to have
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  2. This would actually be really nice! +1 and thanks ahead of time for whoever does make this
  3. d o p e idea man.. I've seen a few suggestions for suicide bots for darkscape. Maybe when writers start getting into darkscape more we will see things like this popping up.
  4. maybe an emergency quickprayer protect item implementation for when the bot accidentally gets skulled
  5. yes we need more bots that auto suicide.. this is darkscape
  6. I don't feel like there's a point to this whatsoever, why play Darkscape if you're going to suicide bot?
    #1 IF you ever plan on playing legitimately, your KDR will be crap.
    #2 IF you don't plan on playing legitimately, there's plenty of much much faster ways to train.
    #3 IF you are trying to do this for making money, there's MUCH faster ways of doing that as well.
    #4 IF you're trying to train AND make money.. There's STILL much faster ways.
    #5 IF you have no idea what those ways are, use 1% of your brain to find
  7. so why do u play darkscape if ur botting... at all then.. its like saying god made everything but who made god then? human did it's called faith.
  8. what does KDR give you? except a cool number maybe? Is it worth anything? i mean KDR cant represent anything because you can just harass unsuspecting skillers - fishers, woodcutters, miners and kill them day in and day out, u wud just get a KDR boost, that is definetly not an argument against this bot. Its fkin good xp in the tzhaars, u get 550 xp per kill, alot better than killing chickens, and u dont have to waste food, and it wud be a flawless bot, as it deathwalks basically
  9. KDR is only affected in PVP as far as I can tell. The point of suicide bots isn't really the death, but more so the running back. In places like the Tzhaar city where your chance of death while botting is really high it'd be really useful. Botting isn't essentially about the most profit/xp per hour, but more so about doing things a wide range of players would like.. I for one would love to have a few bots grinding tokuul.
  10. I'm specifically talking about Suicide botting.

    Alright, I'll be sure to "boost" my KDR on you at Tzhaars.
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    @Evmur If I'm not mistaken, Tokkul isn't kept on death. You'd also be constantly camped by legit players, as opposed to a low risk area with guards or level restrictions. Not to mention, in Mid Risk the best places to train are ones restricted by quests or other things, for example, the Fishing Guild, is great for skillers, because the level req to get in. Same could be said about the mining guild, cooking guild, and maybe crafting guild, haven't been to the Crafting one in a very long time.
  11. Yeah but it's untradeable so it just sits on the floor.
  12. So you're implying that the suicide bot does the following:

    Kill Mob
    Loot Tokkul
    Run Back
    Loot Tokkul

    Or are you saying you'd like to have a bot that farms Tokkul and banks it whilst suicide botting?
  13. I mean, it could

    Kill mobs
    collect tokkul
    on death run back and pick up dropped tokkul
    continue killing mobs
    if something tradeable drops like an obby cape it would run to the bank and drop off it and the the tokkul.
    >>rinse repeat>>
  14. What if you never plan to play legitly and just want to sell GP?
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  15. :^)
  16. That's what I had said, and that makes much more sense, at least it has a purpose beyond 'training'. I'd also love to see Onyx crash to hell.

    As I mentioned, there's much better ways to farm gold, which I'm sure you're aware of.
  17. Stop being a hypocrite if your botting then you are cheating there is no way you get props for playing legitimately.
  18. Not sure why you're acting defensive? I never said something that defends either side of that argument, or spoke to it in any way, you're just simply reading into things that aren't there.
  19. "why play runescape if you're going to bot"
    "why even play any game if you are just going to bot it?"
  20. why play Darkscape if you're going to suicide bot?

    Context my friend.

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