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  1. Creating a running list of bots that support or work on Darkscape, if you would like your bot to be included, send me a PM for me to test it. It must be able to work for 6 hours + without issues, this does not include being killed by other players, however a run back / world hop feature is recommended.

    Below you'll find separate categories for bots, these are Skilling, Killing, and Shillings. Bots listed under the category of Skilling are ones that provide experience for non-combat related abilities. Killing bots are things for general combat or something as complex as Slayer. Shilling, references an old monetary system from Britain to reference money making, hence this category will encompass that category. If necessary I can add a Misc. section for certain things provided I feel it's needed.

    Agility: AlphaAgility
    Fishing: SudoFisher
    Cooking: AlphaCooker; Quality Cooker
    Woodcutting: Maxi Woodcutter
    Fletching: Alpha Fletcher
    Mining: Maxi Miner; Alpha Powerminer
    Runecrafting: Alpha Runecrafting; Celestial Runespan
    Hunter: Celestial Hunter

    QualityFighter (Mixed Results)

    Maxi Flaxer
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  2. all the Alpha bots worked well except that it uses soo much ram, because it uses custom sprites.
  3. I had problems with them myself, so I'd prefer people report individual success I can investigate.
  4. Alpha Fisher works, albeit only for one inventory full. Only tried it with lumby trouts/salmon, but it would finish fishing your inventory, bank it, and then wouldn't be able to find a fishing spot again, instead just runs back and forth in front of them.
  5. anyone know of a working mining script bot? Exia and celestial doesn't work
  6. Haven't gotten into any mining yet, my friend will be shortly, so i'll let you know, he'll go through them until he finds one worth using.
  7. These run perfectly for hours / days:
    Maxi Woodcutter
    Maxi Miner
    Maxi Flaxer
    Alpha Runecrafting - used for mining pure essences (works until someone kills you in the actual essence mine then it gets stuck at the dungeoneering entrance)

    will update list when i get a chance :)
  8. I will trust members feedback and if anyone has issues specifically regarding them, we can address this. Hoping everyone keeps it honest.
  9. Did you try F-5 Miner?
  10. We'll have someone test it now, thanks.
  11. Just tested. The banking aspect is flawed with the paths it takes and the way it banks. When banking my ores, the bot also banked my pickaxe. However, when mining/power mining it works well.
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  12. F5 doesn't work get stuck at the exit of varrock east..and why is yanille mine not implemented there ar ealot of ore nodes there close to the bank.
  13. Haven't had a good experience with F-5. Needs some feedback if users would help the writer i'm sure he'dappreciate it.
  14. Maxi Woodcutter is great, haven't been banned yet started on Sunday. Just keep an eye on your bots if you're worried about getting attacked. :)
  15. I was thinking of making a return to botting location and world hoping if dying x amount of times during x period of time a req to be on the bot list of Darkscape for this thread, however it doesn't look like many scripters are hoping on this. :/
  16. Alpha Agility works great.
  17. Added
  18. Celestial runespan has gotten me to 86 rcing in a few days.
  19. Celestial Hunter works.
  20. Alpha Fletcher works flawlessly, very similar layout to Alpha Cooker, easy and simple.

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