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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Rezah, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. anyone start making a bot for darkscape? or is the client going to offer darkscape mode
  2. i don't see the point. it's not really about grinding anyway, just to doozle around a little.
  3. RuneMate should support DarkScape soonTM.
  4. Best ETA evar :D On a side note, supporting darkscape would be cool, but I think it would take a bit to try to either port rs3 bots over, or start from scratch especially since it is basically pvp everywhere and assholes will kill you even if you don't risk anything. I'd think the main bots we'd probably start seeing are very easy suicidal bots, such as thieving at Ardy, and if you die, spawn at Ardy and repeat, things like that. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out :) it may be a good chance for scripters to test lots of anti pvp measures for when deadman mode comes out on osrs.
  5. From my last talk with @Arbiter about this, I didn't get the impression he's planning on treating it like a separate game. Expect it to be made possible that you use whats in the RS3 botstore can also be used in deadman mode.
  6. Ahh, yeah I suppose it will be easier that way, and up to the scripters if they choose to put in anti pvp measures then I suppose. Cool beans :)
  7. We'll see where it takes us :)
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  8. Deadman mode is yet another branch of RS like oldschool? Plz correct me if im wrong.
  9. Yes, basically osrs' version of Darkscape. There's lots of info about it though, and I don't play os anymore, so I'm not up to date on it.
  10. I'm sorry but I gotta say, what is the point to bot in this "game"? Can you even bot? What will you get from it?
  11. You can bot up your levels and accumulate wealth in the same way you can in the regular game. What you would gain is also similar, access to higher-level content without grinding.
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  12. The money on darkscape is looking to be exponentially more valuable however.
  13. very valuable.... 1m darkscape gold is currently over $110!!
  14. Really?
    Ive been using a color auto clicker and have 3m so far
  15. Where have you been doing this? I have nearly no money on ds but look at this
  16. Only one place to do it per world, so if I give it out I lose out.
    Its in the wilderness, Ill say that.

    I'm probably going to transfer to rs3 with someone from runebet. I had no fucking clue, people are nuts to pay this much though.

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