Day 3 of Botting

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by ebolling45, Jul 31, 2015.

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  2. Nice bro, I'm making a suicide account myself. :D
  3. Safe bot?
  4. its relatively safe , mass killer , no bot is unbanable but ive had 50 hours play time in 3 days no ban..
  5. Mabye i should take it man, :) Thanks for answer brah
  6. I've been using Massfighter for 4 months since January (recently stopped) for about 10 hours a day every day and my account is fine. Can vouch for that script bot, it's actually the best fighter I've used.
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  7. That 2 Def though.. (;

    Good job and i hope your botting continues with no interruption! :)
  8. Is that your only stats because that's far from intense. Especially in 50 hours. You would expect at least 70+ in all combat stats.
  9. I am trying to avoid ban , not botting all day just overnight
  10. That wont lower the chance of getting a ban :p
    Why do you think this friend? :p
  11. i figured the less i botted the less the chance ? ;p
  12. yeh, but you are botting overnight, without any control :p or am i wrong?
  13. 2 deff lelelel

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