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  1. You want to check your total xp or xp until the next level but the bot is running. So you decide in between the bots clicks that you will mouseover the xp bar and then go right off the screen, but the bot begins moving the mouse and the mouse trail jumps all across your screen. This should be of concern right? Assuming that Jagex is collecting & analysing mouse movement data, wouldn't a jumping mouse raise red flags?

    ss (2014-10-17 at 09.46.14).png

    This is possibly how the current mouse works, each line represents either the bot or human input individually, notice how the mouse jumps between each of the paths, likely on a much smaller scale in practice. Here I'm not sure if the mouse generates a straight path between each mouse or not, but if it does is shouldn't because human movement is not a straight line ever.

    The idea is that a humans mouse will never jump back and forth between 2 points while moving towards 2 different points. Again, a lot of assumptions are being made here as to how the mouse currently works with the bot and if jagex is even analysing paths at all.

    Possible solution:

    Disable bot mouse movement while user input is being made and have the bot mouse move to the location of the user input (to avoid mouse jumps from the centre of the screen to the edge).

    Feel free to debunk anything said here, as its all hypothesized.
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  2. I remember witnessing this also, you could just check if the users mouse location is inside the games dimensions and if so disable the bots mouse.
  3. How about you just pause the script bot and then check?
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself. Why are we competing with the client's mouse? That being said, we have to cater to the end-user so can you think of any way we can cancel current client mouse movement when a human mouse movement is detected @Cloud? However, there will still be one unavoidable jump if you try to hijack the mouse from the client.
  5. Maybe add a 1 to 2 second activator. What I mean is when the user uses the mouse the bot doesn't let the mouse actually work on the client but instead activates a pre warner either saying pause bot or continue. or simply add a plugin into the client that automatically detects what skills are being trained and have a simple little GUI showing TNL or Current XP.

    But either way, its simple just to pause the script bot instead lol....
  6. That was my initial thought.
    There is also the issue of when for example the bot mouse is in the middle of the screen and you HAVE paused the script bot. If you enable mouse input and move your mouse on the screen, the client seems to generate a really straight and fast mouse movement to the users mouse position which i find rather un-humanlike
    @Cloud @Arbiter
  7. It's actually instantaneous (not a really straight and fast mouse movement but instead the equivalent of a hop) and not really an issue. Similar conditions can happen without a bot client, for example when you alt-tab back into the game focus and your mouse is in a different location from when the game canvas lost focus. It would result in a similar hop-like mouse event.
  8. But will the client see it as having lost focus and gaining focus?
  9. I almost inb4ed that lol. Follow-up inb4 we disable manual input toggling during bot runtime. @Cloud input?
  10. To directly answer that, I do not believe it does so atm and trying to do something like that would add a degree of complexity that I do not like, so I can't suggest it. I'm just going to wait to see what @Cloud has to say about all this.
  11. Perhaps a temporary work around would be to grab curves from the cloud to move the mouse to the users mouse position instead of hopping to it.
  12. I can see certain use cases where that could be undesired behavior, such as if a dev is working on an FDK *cough cough* and their code messes up and they need to emergency pot up but the delay caused by the mouse movement makes it too slow and they die.
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  13. The way i saw it was the same as the mouse when a script bot isn't running, how it sorta trails behind the mouse
  14. This was my initial thought also but do you really think 90% of people would do this? A lot of people bot and are fascinated with how it does everything itself. Then while botting they want to do something in the game multiple times like chat with clan mates or in public, check XP, etc. Knowing the impatience of the RS botter, I'm sure even if you told people that interacting with the script bot while it was running could increase ban rates they wouldn't be bothered to pause and unpause the script bot every single time. That being said, if Jagex does capitalize and uses this behavior to find bots the result would probably a ton of people getting banned and blaming it on the bot, causing a degradation of the quality of the bot in the eyes of the users.
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  15. interesting point, but i still doubt jagex track mouse movement.
  16. I'm almost sure that they do do this, the idea being that a bot will always use the same mouse pattern is a great way to detect bots and its how RiD has been detected and how runemate has gone under the radar.
  17. fair enough, I thought they only did movement/clicks :l but this was based just off what i had heard.
  18. They do low-precision mouse tracking just as they have since near the beginning of the games existence. It's nothing for anyone from runemate to worry about though because of how natural Clouse is.
  19. what do you mean natural clouse? what does that mean lol
  20. Clouse is the name we use for our cloud-oriented mouse controller. It's based on real mouse movements that we capture and then store on our servers, which we use to give each botter a unique movement profile.

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