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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by hfsafgddsa, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. A lot of the bots need this. Runespan and divination are not plausible since you get killed very often there.
    Something like runespan bot, it should use the wicked hood to teleport back and run to the same spot. With divination it should walk back from the closest loadstone.

    Something like "suicide" bots would be also cool, no need to get any food/pots or use prayer. Just walk to the spot, kill bunch of things then die and walk back here and repeat.

    TLDR: currently many scripts bots in darkscape are not very afk friendly since the bot does not return to the place it was killed. You get killed every 20mins or so at higher level areas, making babysitting a must.
  2. Can't stand leeches like you.

    First post, spammy name, big request.
  3. 1. first post, you gotta start somewhere and im gonna start here
    2. I thought all the bots had such great names :p
    3. Not really a request but rather a bunch of ideas thrown out there for you guys to catch and implement in your future scripts bots.

    Sorry if i offended you.
  4. He's talking about your Forum username.

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