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  1. Developing an AIO for OSRS

    • Supports Barbarian Village Powerfishing
    • Low-level of Anti-Ban
    Future Updates:
    • Catherby Fishing
    • Fishing Guild Support
    • Draynor Fishing
    Will Post Screenshots when i get the chance to test each phase :)

    Update Log:
    Day 1:
    Experienced some issues with fps raping (from 55->15), fixed by removing an invalid render.

    Day 2:
    Had some replies for the drop inventory method, however i found that it dropped a certain amount and when it ended up "mis-clicking" the item the script bot execution stopped. The way i combated this:
    wasInteractionSuccessful() is very handy, may no be the best code in the world but when getting use to new API i learn through trial and error... script bot now works fine and I can get my first simple progress report!

    Edit: Came across one final issue:
    Doesn't detect any item with that ID, even tried using a String and not working... Implementation error?
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  2. Good luck bro :)
  3. What is the extreme part?

    Goodluck !
  4. Its just the title of the script bot, my Extreme Series on other sits have been popular so i thought theres no need to change the name :)

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