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  1. Would a current developer who wouldn't mind sharing some info let me know how much approx they make from selling scripts bots on here? You could just PM me some info as well. I'm thinking of developing scripts bots while I'm stuck at home with a broken foot and would love to get some info on it being worth it or not.

  2. Commission for Authors is ~80% if you own a Premium bot. The difficulty is getting one to that level in the first place.
  3. To premium? As opposed to just a free bot?
  4. Why would Authors be paid for making Free bots? :p
  5. True, maybe got something out of it because it brings incentive for users to use the bots. It appears there's only one premium script bot on the sdn?
  6. Plenty of premium quality ones out there, most of @SlashnHax 's bots for example - just nobody seems to want to make the commitment to make it premium.
  7. What's the difference between supporter and premium? Do developers get paid for supporter as well? Also what does it take to take your script bot to premium level? Thanks for all the answers :p
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  8. No, bot authors don't get paid for supporter bots.
    Your code shall satisfy @Arbiter and that's (from what I heard) not an easy task :p

    Supporter bots require supporter rank (and don't actually cost anything to use).
    Premium bots cost a certain amount of money per hour (80~% goes to author).
  9. The basic rundown is:
    Free - Speaks for itself
    Supporter - Generally better than a free bot, if you want higher quality bots, tip a little to the site. Some authors also use this to moderate how many people can use their bots, as high demand bots draw A LOT of idiotic/useless reports from leechers
    Premium - Gotta be damn near perfect.
  10. As far as I can see, there is only one premium bot on the SVN currently then, unless for some reason I can't see the rest on my account. That's a lot less than I expected haha.

    I would put the time into some nice premium scripts bots if it seems worth it, but the price of the only one there is only 4 cents/hour. Which I guess is decent if you had a few dozen people using it at all times. I do like how easy it is to submit bots here however.

    I am confident in my ability to make a premium script bot, but I want to know it is worth it :p

    Thanks for the replies!

    Also what are the rules against bots? Like what bots are we not allowed to make and release?
  11. Depends, if you make a solid bot which doesn't require too much maintenance, it's essentially free money once it's on the store.
  12. @niceface911 "Griefing" bots are not allowed, as in bots that cause annoyance to others like auto typers.
  13. Griefers, spammers and leechers - 3 types of bots we won't allow.
  14. If you end up scripting for Runemate You should consider Programming a 'Waterfiend' script bot, That has the following features;

    - Full Banking
    - Death Walking
    - Death failsafes
    - Anti-ban Features

    I'd happily pay 4c/hr for it. There is potential to make alot of money from runemate premium scripts bots, I guess people don't have enough time to be dedicated enough to Constantly Update there scripts bots,

    Plus I'd probably use the Waterfiend script bot for 100-300hrs
  15. There were more premium bots on the store, but the authors took them down as they felt that they fell below premium standards, as opposed to keeping a sub-par premium bot on the store. Premium bots do go through a pretty strenuous quality check, but it's not too bad.
    Personally, making premium bots is worth it, but it does require time and dedication. I'll probably start making some soon :p
    By all means, tinker around a bit, and if you want some feedback I'll be happy to give some when time allows :D
  16. You already have one, you just won't make it premium! :p
  17. It might be considered premium quality by some, but in my opinion it's still not perfect enough :p
  18. Better than most on the scene.

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