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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Swaggy johnson, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Im getting an error when im trying to enter trough the developers portal on the developersAPI
    Error code :
    swaggy_johnson - Revision 0: /

    Can anyone fix this? i made sure it whas the right password and login on the webpanel passwords/user,

    anyone help me out?
  2. You haven't committed anything to your SVN.
  3. This is becuas i cannot access the SVN page trough the portal
  4. You do not commit through the developer page. You commit to the repository using something like tortoise svn.
  5. I did that , but it didnt show up.
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    Im working trough eclipse , i just cannot seem to find the runemate jar to the referenced libraries , can i use the exe on my desktop instead of the jar?
  6. No - there's guides on getting started in the Dev Support sections.Most of the information is transferable to Eclipse if you must use it over IntelliJ.

    Also, it's an SVN Repo, not a portal. It exists purely as a means of version control for your hosted files.
  7. developers portal.I like it
  8. 10/10 , Thanks dude.

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