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  1. Having had my 2300 total main banned and consequently 2 more decent accounts following suite, I've come to realize the impact of detectable and pattern forming scripts bots. Most people bot blindly and I believe that being more knowledgeable about Jagex's detection practices can make all the difference between a banned account and success. That's why with devious scripts bots, every single script bot I'm going to write will be ones that I will personally use, it won't go on the botstore if I wouldn't use it to get 99 in that skill or make a ton of money.

    For now, script bot development will be minimal because I am focusing on building a personal API that will help reduce ban rates and mimic the activity of a normal player.

    Personal API

    Screen turning with middle mouse button (100%) : Rework (0%)

    - This will use the mouse button to turn the screen. At the moment, I've created a very rough version of this but it seems to be working well so far. I thought this was necessary because most players use the mouse to turn the screen due to EoC requiring the use of the keyboard. A rework will feature more precise and accurate screen turning and turning to objects.
    Conditional responder (5%)

    - This will respond to certain situations in game to mimic what a player might do. If a player quickchats something at you, the script bot will quickchat back, if Clouse trades a player by accident, it will apologize. This will be used in conjunction with cleverbot.
    Cleverbot responder (0%)

    - This will respond to questions directed at you. This can help you avoid getting reported and consequently being put on a watchlist.
    scripts bots

    Ashes Telegrabber (80%)

    - Free magic and firemaking XP on RS3, ashes almost offset the cost of using telegrab.​
  2. Good luck man, your work sounds really interesting. :)
  3. Thanks a lot, if you have any suggestions please post them and I'll be sure to look into it.

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