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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by MrMeehzy, May 24, 2016.

  1. dicing bot would be nice, just for fun. doesn't have to be perfect but one to use on a separate account in the CC with commands such as !Roll,!Flower,!DD
  2. But no one dices any more why would people want to risk dicing against a bot that could be unstable or un trust worthy when they could just go to somewhere like big boi bets and dice with a very minimal chance of getting banned
  3. This may also fall under the rules of what is not allowed on Runemate - As an example, Runemate doesn't allow bots such as autotypers as they create a negative experience for multitudes of people who are subjected to their spam.

    @Arbiter will know more - tagging for confirmation.
  4. Why to people ask for a auto typer @kazemanie because runescape already has a built in one why risk getting banned botting a auto typer when their is a free one built into the game
  5. Yes that is true, although autotypers made with bots would offer more options - multiple lines, private messaging etc.
  6. @kazemanie i never thought about that. Thanks for the insight.
  7. Going by Arbiter's "we are here to make the game better, not worse" I'd say this isn't allowed, or at least it shouldn't be.
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  8. Why not let someone else host the bot and you'll just join the cc?
  9. Can someone explain for my edification how dicing is detrimental to the game, like in-game chat spam?

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  10. Saying 'Dicing for money' is a pretty common thing to spam as dicer.
  11. You hustle innocent people for cash. And of course it doesn't just end with dicing. Spamming/advertising is included in the package.
  12. Why not just go to runebet.com


    It's not like I own it or anything. lel. :cool:
  13. Yeah it's a strict no for any kind of spamming.

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