did jagex improve bans?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by troro1, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Lately I've been banned quite fast for doing things I normally don't get banned for. It started a month ago or so when Jagex stated on their weekly post that they're installing something to improve detection. Either this or I'm ip flagged. Opinions please so I can decide whether to swap my gateway or not. I don't use proxies or VPNs so fk me.
  2. @SlashnHax

    They might be able to answer this, had no idea jagex improved anything
  3. Can you explain more in detail what you have been banned doing and for how long etc?
  4. Pretty sure that if you start getting constant and fast bans on pretty much any account that means you are ip flagged. I remember losing like 5 accounts in a 30 minute period because of that.
  5. Typical skill bots like mining wc fish combat e.g celestial fisher, pi chopper. I try to get them near 60 each, botting a skill no more than 3 hours at a time and totaling up to 8 hours a day or less. After the post on the osrs website, bans roll in much faster (within 2-3 days). I'm going to swap my modem soon amd will report back on whether it's just me or if Jagex upped their stuff. Does anyone share my opinion?

    Also got bans on a weekend while it normally occurs on Monday (or Sunday depending on your time
  6. Most likely IP flagged.
  7. Changed IPv4 IPv6. Still easily banned. Tried on different machine so that rules out hwid flagging. Might consider switching to villavu since way less people use that.
  8. IP Flagged. I bot eri day 16-18 hours no bans yet.
  9. But I literally changed my identity. This is osrs btw. Are you using paid/private scripts bots?
  10. Legit the account a little before you start botting. Also, osrs has way higher ban rates.
  11. Does anyone else experience the issues I have? Despite playing a bit before botting?

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