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  1. Option to disable the game rendering to save some resources, possible?

  2. I had brought this up to another client a while ago, they claimed it has lawsuit implications or something.
    Very likely to be bullshit in order to reduce work for them to do.
    Iirc Kosaki had used that feature in KBot, so I don't think there's much of an excuse to use.
  3. As far as I can remember, RSBot (V4?) had the option too. I'm pretty sure RSBot had their lawsuit stuff in control...
  4. As I suspected then, bullshit :p I don't recall much of RSBot, quit not too long after KBot went down.
  5. It can't reasonably be done via reflection. You have to branch off the games rendering logic.
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  6. Fair enough. :/
  7. The rasterizer uses an int array for pixels. Maybe you could just get rid of it and the references to it?
    A headless bot would be really cool.
  8. At that point the game has already done all the projection related math which is the intensive part, pushing the data to the screen is quick.
  9. You should totally find a way to do it for v2.0 :p
  10. I am not sure if the same is available for RS3, but in oldschool the player class has a boolean field which can be set to false to 'hide' that player. Unfortunately, this really won't do much as it's only available for players.

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